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Quality Assured Fuel

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Wood Fuel Barn :: Quality Assured Fuel

Quality Assured Fuel

Ready to Burn CERTIFIED      GOV.UK approvedscheme LOGS

Ready to Burn Certification is your GUARANTEE that you are using logs legally supplied and that you are minimising your emissions of the harmful PM 2.5 particles.  (REDUCTION of 80% compared to wetter seasoned logs!!)

How does this benefit you?

The Quality Fuel Accreditations of both Woodsure and HETAS mean that you can know that you are ordering a high quality fuel consistently and reliably.

Every bag of firewood produced at WoodFuelBarn is logged onto our production record system where details of species class, date and location of felling, felling license numbers, air and kiln drying time and moisture content are recorded.

The Quality Fuel Accreditations are not passed on firewood quality alone but also consider quality management systems and fuel origin tracking, so we can guarantee our product and service qualities are always of a high standard.

We were the first  to achieve the highest level of accreditation, Woodsure +Plus for our superior quality firewood, sustainability policy and unique tracking system.

For more information please visit:

  or   http://www.hetas.co.uk//fuel-quality