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WoodFuelBarn is the premiere wood fuel supplier in the North East of England, with over 25 years of experience in firewood and a solid understanding of wood fuel as a biomass energy source. We are a competitive national supplier of kiln dried firewood as well as being the leading wood fuel supplier to domestic and small business users in the North East.

WoodFuelBarn is the first wood fuel supplier in the UK to achieve Woodsure +Plus Quality Fuel Accreditation and the first in the North East to be HETAS approved. We operate a quality management system across all areas of the business which helps us produce consistent and reliable firewood for you.Registered on Biomass Suppliers List for RHI boiler fuel.Accredited by Grown in Britain ,sustainably grown timber.

We offer a range of quality wood fuel products sourced from local well-managed, sustainable woodland within the North of England.

Owner and Director, Peter Stenner was recently appointed as the Delegate and Representative for Firewood in the UK by the Wood Fuel Suppliers Group, set up in association with ConFor, which promotes sustainable forestry and wood use.

WoodFuelBarn was set up with the aid of the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

HEATSURE Kiln Dried Firewood

HEATSURE Kiln Dried Firewood is WoodFuelBarn’s own brand of kiln dried firewood. The kiln drying system developed and implemented by WoodFuelBarn is a green and innovative drying process which not only ensures our guarantee of superior quality firewood but also reduces our carbon footprint as it is powered by biomass.

WoodFuelBarn’s unique method of kiln drying is advantageous over regular kiln drying methods as the temperature inside the kiln is not required to be over 90 degrees, meaning that unlike other kiln dried firewood the calorific value of the wood is retained by not ‘over cooking’ it and evaporating off not only the water but the lignin and essential volatiles too. The energy given from HEATSURE Kiln Dried Firewood is near to the maximum available from any wood source.

IGNITE  Natural Kindling

IGNITE Natural Kindling is WoodFuelBarn’s own brand of hardwood kindling. Unlike most kindling, IGNITE is a natural product, meaning it is non-uniform with a rough surface area. The advantages of this are that it lights easily and burns longer to get the heat you need to reliably light your stove.