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Wood Fuel Barn :: Buy Kiln Dried Logs :: Kiln Dried Logs - Hardwood

Kiln Dried Logs - Hardwood

Kiln Dried Logs - Hardwood

Kiln Dried Logs - Hardwood


HEATSURE Hardwood is produced from a mix of hardwood species predominantly including Oak, Ash, Beech, Birch and Sycamore.

All hardwood produced by WoodFuelBarn is sourced within a 25 mile radius and not imported. This helps to minimize our carbon footprint.

All our wood is legally harvested under various Forestry Commission felling licenses.

We season all our hardwood for more than 6 months before kilning to ensure it is properly prepared.

Loose filled into ventilated log bags.

HEATSURE Hardwood is delivered to you at a moisture content of less than 15%.
(taken by a calibrated pin meter at surface)

First firewood in the UK to achieve Woodsure +Plus Quality Fuel Accreditation.

HETAS Approved.

HEATSURE Kiln Dried Firewood gives you near to the maximum energy output available from any wood source.

Price displayed includes V.A.T. @ 5%
ex.  delivery

PLEASE NOTE - WE ALSO NOW SELL HARDWOOD LOGS in BIGGER than normal "BUILDERS BAGS" at 0.8m3. ( 33% more than our competitors bags)

Price: £140.00



Stove Starter Combination Offer

Stove Starter Combination Offer

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Kiln Dried Logs - Softwood

Kiln Dried Logs - Softwood

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